Deconstructed Cyan

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  • 14 Days

Day 01 & 02 – Arrival / Kalpitiya

Welcome to Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian ocean. Our guide will bring you to Kalpitiya after meeting you at the airport on your arrival. Kalpitiya offers a beach that isn’t touched by the mass tourism. The sunset here is truly gorgeous and it’s something you would remember for a long time.

Activities and attractions you may choose to experience:

  • Relax and loafaround the beautiful Kalpitiyabeach.
  • An exciting beach camping experience in Baththalangunduwainclusive of a boat ride.
  • Visit the picturesque lagoons found around Kalpitiya.
  • Enjoy water sports such as wind surfing and kite surfing.
  • Go on a whale/dolphin watching boat ride.

Day 03 – Wilpatthu

Enter into the wilderness at Wilpatthu National Park. This National Park is one of the oldest and largest National Parks in the island with an unmatched topography accommodating a wide range of animals. Enjoy the serenity and unspoiled nature as you witness animals in their natural habitat.

Activities and attractions you may choose to experience:

  • A jeep safari in Wilpatthu National Park where you’ll get to see animals such as sloth bear, deer, water buffalo, elephants, leopards, crocodiles, water monitor lizard and a wide array of birdlife.
  • Enjoy camping out in the openness here in Wilpatthu.

Day 04 – Anuradhapura / Habarana

On day 04 you will be taken to the ancient city of Anuradhapura located in the North central region of Sri Lanka. This city is oozing with ancient ruins and monumental structures built by Sinhalese kings depicting the engineering skills and the ingenuity of Sri Lankans from its heyday. You’ll be also taken to witness the magnificent gentle giants in Minneriya and finally brought back to Habarana for the overnight stay.

Activities and attractions you may choose to experience:

  • Visit “Atamasthanaya”, the sacred 8 places in Anuradhapura.
  • Visit Minneriya National Park.
  • A day trip to Mihintale rock can be arranged on your request.

Day 05 –Sigiriya

Get ready to witness a glorious sun rise from the top of the 8th wonder of the world at Sigiriya rock fortress. This monolithic citadel built by king Kasyapa is truly a masterpiece. UNESCO has declared Sigiriya as a world heritage site and, it is iconic to Sri Lanka. In the afternoon get ready to experience the rural beauty of the simple village life style.

Activities and attractions you may choose to experience:

  • Climb to the top of Sigiriya rock fortress to catch the beautiful sunrise.
  • Experience the simple lifestyle of Sri Lankan villagers in Hiriwadunna.

Day 06 –Kandy / Ramboda

Located at the heart of the island is the sacred city of Kandy. The aristocratic aura, colonial style buildings, graceful Kandyan architecture and backdrops of the highlands with the lake right in the middle next to the temple of the tooth relic makes Kandy stand out from all the other cities in Sri Lanka. Overnight stay in Ramboda.

Activities and attractions you may choose to experience:

  • A city tour in Kandy with a visit to a gem museum/shop.
  • Get blessings at the sacred temple of the tooth relic, the main pilgrim site of Buddhists.
  • The Kandy cultural show depicting the colorful, charismatic Kandyan arts.

Day 07 – NanuOya / Ella / Arugam Bay

On day 07 feast your eyes and senses by taking one of the most picturesque and amazing train rides in the world from NanuOya to Ella. This train ride has gained its popularity and love of the people from around the world. After the scenic train ride you will be safely taken to Arugam Bay, a beach resort bordering to the Southeast coast of Sri Lanka.

Activities and attractions you may choose to experience:

  • Catch a glimpse of the beautiful Ramboda falls.
  • The notorious train ride to Ella, filled with breathtaking views.
  • Visit Ella rock, Little Adam’s Peak and Nine arch bridge in Ella.

Day 08 & 09 – Arugam Bay

Treat yourself with the pleasures of a tropical beach here in Arugam Bay, a beach resort that is well known among the surfing fraternity. With several attractions around the city apart from the fun packed beach, Arugam Bay is the place to be to relish on a mix of leisure and sightseeing.
Activities and attractions you may choose to experience:

  • Catch some surfing action at Arugam Bay.
  • Relax and get sun tanned in South of Arugam Bay or Panama beach.
  • Enjoy the panoramic view from the top in Kudimbigala.

Day 10 – Yala

On day 10 you’ll be transferred to Yala National Park. With atleast one leopard per square kilometer, Yala is considered as the place with the highest density of leopards in all of Asia. The National Park is full of wildlife and the vegetation found here is vast. Evening safari game drive allows visitors to spot leopards more easily than the morning game drive.

Activities and attractions you may choose to experience:

  • A jeep safari in Yala National Park where you’ll catch a glimpse of leopards, water buffalo, elephants, deer, crocodiles, mongoose and a wide array of bird life.
  • Go camping and complete your wildlife experience by sleeping under the canvas.

Day 11 –Udawalawe

Udawalawe National Park has gained its popularity among tourists immenselydue to accommodating its visitors to spot herds of elephants with ease. With Udawalawe reservoir in the middle and thick vegetation around the area, this is the ideal location for nature lovers.

Activities and attractions you may choose to experience:

  • Visit Elephant transit home where orphaned elephant calves are nurtured, rehabilitated and released back into the wild.
  • Visit Wawulpane caves and the Sankapali temple.

Day 12 & 13 – Mirissa

Enjoy two days in the famous Mirissa beach. The low-key atmosphere intertwined with swaying coconut trees and the calm sea breeze is what makes this beach tucked away in a small bay appealing for tourists who are looking for leisure and, it is the main hotspot for those who love to go whale watching.

Activities and attractions you may choose to experience:

  • Go whale watching and catch a glimpse of blue whales and sperm whales.
  • As the sun goes down in the evening take a picture at the Coconut tree spot.
  • Relax and sun bathe at the Mirissa beach over a sassy cocktail.

Day 14 – Departure