A Whole Lot Of Paradise

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  • 17 Days

Day 01 – Arrival / Negombo

Ayubowan! On the 1st day of your Sri Lankan journey you will be brought to the coastal town of Negombo, the “little Rome” of Sri Lanka. The golden sandy beach accompanied by fun loving people and the vibrant night life is truly an amazing experience. A must do activity in Negombo is to taste some of the infamous, delicious seafood dishes which have helped to put Negombo on the culinary map of Sri Lanka and around the world.

Activities and attractions you may choose to experience:

  • Enjoy a guided city tour where you’ll be visiting the Old Dutch Fort and Catholic churches.
  • Visit the Negombo lagoon and the Negombo fish market.
  • Enjoy the sea breeze and relax on the beach.

Day 02 – Wilpatthu / Anuradhapura

Witness the rural beauty as you enter into the wilderness in Wilpatthu National Park. With an unrivaled topography accommodated by a wide range of animalsthis National Park is one of the oldest and largest National Parks in Sri Lanka. On completion of your morning safari game drive you’ll be transferred to Anuradhapura located in the North central region of Sri Lanka. This city is packed with ancient ruins and colossal structures built by Sinhalese kings portraying the engineering skills and the ingenuity of Sri Lankans from its halcyon days.

Activities and attractions you may choose to experience:

  • A jeep safari in Wilpatthu National Park where you’ll get to see animals such as sloth bear, deer, water buffalo, elephants, leopards, crocodiles, water monitor lizard and a wide array of birdlife.
  • Visit “Atamasthanaya”, the sacred 8 places in Anuradhapura in the late evening which is an ethereal experience you wouldn’t’ forget in your lifetime.

Day 03 & 04 – Jaffna

On the Northern end of this beautiful island lies the city of Jaffna, a city which mostly carry traits of Tamil culture. The long 3-decade civil war caused a lot of turmoil to the city but, now it’s a peaceful town which welcomes people to enjoy its attractions and experiences the beauty of Jaffna.

Activities and attractions you may choose to experience:

  • Visit the Jaffna Fort.
  • Wander along the dusty, quaint avenues of Kayts, the largest islet off mainland Jaffna.
  • Travel to the northernmost point of Sri Lanka, Point Pedro.
  • Feel the authenticity and the uncommonness in Delft islands.

Day 05 & 06 – Trincomalee

Located in the East coast of Sri Lanka,Trincomalee is infamous for its marvelous beaches and it also holds importance as a town with historical value in Sri Lanka. Tourist love the shoreline and the hospitality in this part of the island as it’s a bit different to what they would experience to other beach resorts found in Sri Lanka.

Activities and attractions you may choose to experience:

  • Relax and catch the waves in the famousNilaveli and Uppuveli beaches.
  • Visit Pigeon Island.
  • Enjoy snorkeling and diving in Tricomalee.

Day 07 – Polonnaruwa / Sigiriya

On day 07 visit Polonnaruwaen route to Sigiriya. Polonnaruwa is oozing with ancient ruins and Buddhist temples that is blended with Hinduism. Be amazed by the stunning creations built by the ancient Sinhalese kings. Before you are dropped at the hotel for the overnight stay in Sigiriya you will be taken to visit the 8th wonder of the world, the Sigiriya rock in the evening.This rock fortress is an iconic site and, is one of a kind.

Activities and attractions you may choose to experience:

  • Visit the quadrangle, Gal viharaya, Vatadageand other ancient ruins in Polonnaruwa.
  • Climb to the top of Sigiriya rock and adore the sunset from the peak.

Day 08 & 09 – Kandy

Kandy is recognized as the most sacred city in Sri Lanka by the locals since it is the home to the sacred temple of the tooth relic, the “Daladamaligawa”.People from all over the world flock around this holy place to witness the majestic beauty and to feel the blissfulness. Kandy is also mentioned in the history books as the last Sinhalese kingdom of Sri Lanka.

Activities and attractions you may choose to experience:

  • Visit “Daladamaligawa”, the temple of the tooth relic.
  • Visit the beautifulPerandeniya Royal Botanical Garden.
  • A guided mini city tour in Kandy.

Day 10 – NuwaraEliya

Move onto the capital of the hill country, NuwaraEliya on day 10. With the introduction of tea to Sri Lankan highlands during the mid 19th century, this city has established itself as the capital of the tea country in this tiny island. The city is fenced by misty hills and cascading waterfalls. Locals call NuwaraEliya as “Little England” for its cool weather and the charming sceneries found in abundance.

Activities and attractions you may choose to experience:

  • Visit a tea factory and get hands on experience in making world’s finest tea.
  • Enjoy a city tour including a boat ride in the Gregory lake.
  • Visit a strawberry farm and a local vegetable farm.
  • Capture the beauty of St. Clair, Devon, Dunsinane, Kolapathana, Bomburuella, Aberdin, Lovers Leap waterfalls found around NuwaraEliya.
  • Enjoy panoramic view of plush green mountain in Moon plains.
  • Visit the beautiful Hakgala Botanical Gardens.

Day 11 – Ella

Feast your eyes and senses by taking one of the most picturesque and amazing train rides in the world from NanuOya to Ella. This train ride has gained its popularity and love of the people from around the world. For nature lovers Ella is the perfect place to be.

Activities and attractions you may choose to experience:

  • Take the infamous Ella train ride filled with never-ending magnificent, plush backdrops.
  • Visit Ella rock, Little Adam’s Peak and Nine arch bridge in Ella.

Day 12 – Yala

On day 12 you’ll be transferred to Yala National Park. With at least one leopard per square kilometer, Yalais considered as the location with the highest density of leopards in all of Asia. The National Park is packed with wildlife and the vegetation found here is so vast. Tip: The evening safari game drive allows visitors to spot leopards more easily than the morning game drive.

Activities and attractions you may choose to experience:

  • A jeep safari in Yala National Park where you’ll catch a glimpse of leopards, water buffalo, elephants, deer, crocodiles, mongoose and a wide array of birdlife.
  • Go camping and complete your wildlife experience by sleeping under the canvas with a bonfire next to you.

Day 13, 14 & 15 – Galle / Bentota

Sink your feet in the soft, golden sand as the azure waters of the Indian ocean tries to hug you in Bentota. This beach resort is packed with fun filled watersport activities. Although the oceanfront seems to be quiet and lacking the impromptu beach shacks and hawker stalls compared to other beach resorts in Sri Lanka, Bentota provides some of the finest hotels and villas accompanied by most probably the biggest collection of watersports found in the island.

Activities and attractions you may choose to experience:

  • Try out water skiing, speed boating, deep sea fishing, jet skiing, banana boat rides and lagoon boat trips.
  • Enjoy diving and snorkeling around the Light house island situated close to the Beruwala beach.

Day 16 –Colombo

This coastal city which has been influenced by the Arab, Portuguese, Dutch and by the British in the past is now the commercial capital of Sri Lanka with a blend of ethnicities living in harmony. The modern skyline mixed with old colonial buildings, shady tree lined avenues scattered among crowded street bazars and branded shops in huge shopping complexes right next to local markets paint the basic picture of Colombo.

Activities and attractions you may choose to experience:

  • A guided city tour around Colombo.
  • Shopping in One Galle Face complex.
  • Visit Galle Face Green and catch the glowing sunset in the evening.

Day 17 – Departure