5 waterfalls to visit in the Sri Lankan highlands

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  • on March 17th, 2020
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The beautiful island of Sri Lanka is blessed with many stunning waterfalls, mostly found in the central hills tucked away in lush vegetation. Here are 5 waterfalls that you could include in your next visit to the paradise island of Sri Lanka.

Bambarakanda falls
In the serene village of Kalupahana lies Sri Lanka’s tallest waterfall, Bamabrakanda falls. It’s 263m in height and is ranked at 399th position in the world. If you are visiting Sri Lanka especially in March or May arrange your trip to pay a visit to this beautiful waterfall as it’s considered the ideal time to come here. Follow the narrow track to the ticket counter which can be found near the base of the waterfall and ask if it’s ok to climb or not if you are an adventurous person since there are several incidents reported with fatalities.

Bomburu falls
Bomburu falls which is also known as Perawella falls is bordering the Nuwara Eliya and Badulla district. What’s fascinating about this waterfall is that unlike other waterfalls this is composed of 10 little jungle falls. It is 50m tall and is admired as one of the most scenic waterfalls found in Sri Lanka. Although camping was allowed in the past now it is stopped, so make sure to return back on time.

Nanuoya falls
Another unique waterfall in Sri Lanka where you can see the cascading waterfall go down through a sequence of 25 steps. Because of this unusual formation it creates an awestriking misty effect when the water levels are high. Although you can catch a glimpse of the waterfall from the main road it’s better you take the road by the rail road and travel approximately 1.5km to see this spectacular waterfall up close in person.

St. Clair’s waterfall

Located near Nuwara Eliya, the capital of the tea country in Sri Lanka is one of the widest waterfalls in the island, St. Clair’s waterfall. Some call it the “Little Niagara of Sri Lanka”. The water from the river falls down traversed in three sections down into a pool at the base. The surrounding area is covered by tea bushes and trees making it one of the most scenic waterfalls in Sri Lanka.

Kadiyanlena falls
The unspoiled Kadiyanlena falls is located in Kadiyanlena village and it is a favorite waterfall amongst locals and nature lovers. The fresh, cool, crystal clear water breaks up at five stages as it cascades down from the top and each stage embraces a natural pool. The bottom pool is too deep and is forbidden to be used by visitors. Since it’s only known among a very few people the natural beauty of this waterfall is